Posted by: Lisa | June 30, 2010

This brings new meaning to the term “metalhead”

Eww!  Apparently a whole bunch of packaged fruit and fruit juices contain more lead than is safe for young kids according to California’s standards.  The list contains some common, cheap kinds (Del Monte, Welch’s, Dole, Great Value, Gerber, Beech Nut) and some more expensive types (Trader Joe’s, Earth’s Best).  And surprisingly organic products weren’t exempt from this ick factor.  We just can’t win, huh?  I mean, we all want to try to do what’s healthiest, especially for our kids, but sometimes just trying to keep up with all these new and conflicting warnings could kill us!  I guess this is a good reason to make homemade baby food and just serve water.  Wait – did somebody say there’s been a recall on tap water?

Here’s the article:

And here’s the whopping list of  125 fruits & juices that contain the lead:

Upon a second glance at my son, he does seem to have a nice chrome tint to his complexion now…  😉


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