Posted by: Lisa | July 6, 2010

Ugh – what’s for dinner?

That might be the question I ask most often.  It generally comes out of my mouth around 6:17 p.m., when Jacob’s clinging to my legs begging for his rations & I’m starving.  I usually have my face shoved in the freezer, crinkling up my nose at the stack of nothing but frostbitten frozen dinners and bags of stored breastmilk.  At that point I sure as heck don’t want to wash & chop all those fresh veggies I thought sounded so great last week when I was at the neighborhood produce stand.  So the frozen stuff gets more frostbitten, the fresh stuff wilts & grows mold, & the guy at Dominos says, “Your usual, Mrs. Hassell?”

If you’re like me you have a jam-packed freezer.  We aren’t lacking for frozen meats here – we even have TWO freezers full of the stuff!  I buy meat when it’s on sale, toss it in the black hole that is my freezer, & then later find myself wondering what the heck to do with it when dinnertime rolls around.  It takes time to find recipes, and I never have all the ingredients on hand for any recipe I find anyway.

Today I found this website.  You enter in the type of meat or main ingredient you want to use, click on any other ingredients you want to get rid of (have some eggs & yogurt that are almost expired?) and instantly find a list of recipes using that stuff.  Sounds great!

Tonight it’s beef stroganoff for us, using stew meat we had in our deep freezer.


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