Posted by: Lisa | July 12, 2010

A Bedtime Story…Even When You Aren’t There

Jon came across this website last year & I absolutely love the idea!  Basically, you choose a book to read to your child using your computer webcam.  Obviously it doesn’t quite compare to holding your child on your lap and turning the pages together, but I think this is the next best thing for out-of-town grandparents, a parent who travels for business, or family members serving away from home in the military.

Jon recorded one of these stories for Jacob before a business trip once, and Jacob & I watch/listen to it  whenever Jon’s out of town.  Jacob will stare wide-eyed at the computer, smiling & exclaiming, “Da-da!”  It’s precious.  Jon & I will be taking our first childless vacation together soon & I will be recording one of these for my sister to play for Jacob while we’re gone.

You can choose from a huge selection of books, although at first you’ll think there are only a few.  You can sort by age of the child at the top, but make sure you then click on each of the categories down at the bottom.  I haven’t found a way to view ALL the books at the same time.

You can preview the books & once you choose one, start recording.  You’ll get to watch your video before agreeing to purchase it & you can redo it as many times as you’d like.  Once you purchase it you can send the link to anyone & it will save it forever.  Most of the books cost about $7-$10 to record & save, although some are flagged “free.”  Enjoy!


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