Posted by: Lisa | July 19, 2010


This morning I awoke to hear “uh-oh!”  “uh-oh!”  “uh-oh!”  repeatedly in my ear.  After I said goodbye to my pleasant dreams I slowly, groggily opened my eyes & realized where I was.  The baby monitor across the room flashed blue lights at me.  I’m pretty sure that pattern of flashing lights was a special type of Morse Code saying I’M HERE!  MAMA!  I’M HERE!  I’M AWAKE!  COME GET ME!  I glanced over at Jon beside me.  The snorting sounds coming from his nose told me that he sure wasn’t deciphering that flashing light code.

Again I heard, “Uh-oh!”  “Uh-oh!”  Worried, I climbed out of bed & walked across the house to Jacob’s room.  I laughed as I opened the door & found all of his small crib toys scattered across the bedroom floor.  He was standing up in his crib, peering over the rail at his toys.  “Uh-oh!”  he said again.  This is Jacob’s newest vocabulary word and he uses it well.

I only wish that dropping toys on the floor would be the worst reason to ever say, “Uh-oh,”  but I fear it won’t be the last time it’s uttered in this house…



  1. I had to laugh at this because I almost posted on facebook how Ryan’s favorite phrase this morning was “uh-oh.” Must have said it at least a dozen times from the time he woke up until his nap time. Cracks me up how much they use this phrase 🙂

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