Posted by: Lisa | July 30, 2010

A No-Nap Zombie…

…and then there’s Jacob!

Since the little one was so sick 3 weeks ago (icky virus with a scary high fever) he hasn’t taken a normal nap.  Not one.  For a couple days the naps were insanely long (as in, I took his pulse to make sure he still had one) but mostly they’ve been so brief I hardly have time to pee before he’s awake.

He’s super tired, as one could tell from how easily he falls over.  It’s pitiful.  He’ll be walking like he’s been doing for ages (all 6 weeks now) and then just fall over – sometimes forward, sometimes on his butt, & sometimes right over sideways.  He doesn’t trip.  He just falls mid-step.  Then he cries like he’s fallen off the roof.  That’s my sign that he is SO tired!  But not only is he now like the Energizer Bunny through lunchtime, rather than crashing for a morning nap at 10:30, but even when he does get tired he has started freaking out at the sight of his crib.  I have no idea what’s happened, but he goes through all the regular bedtime motions/routines, and then – BAM – my calm, still little boy becomes a rolling, writhing, flipping, jerking, screeching, panicked tornado around his 4-ft long crib.  IF he falls asleep after all that it’s for, like, 20 minutes.  Why bother?

For five nights now he’s been waking up in the middle of the night doing the same thing.  I’m worried about him.  I hope he isn’t having night terrors & I can’t think of anything traumatic that’s happened in his crib or bedroom.  I really do feel sorry for the guy.  Just not as sorry as I do for his tired, sleep-deprived mommy!



  1. Emerson goes through phases where she wakes up in the middle of the night like that (for days/weeks – two weeks max) and naps get harder and shorter. . . we started to notice she would also eat more around those times too. After the first few we realized it’s a growth spurt she is going through. Hopefully this is the same for Jacob and it’s over quick. I know that it’s something we’ve dealt with since she has been born and since she’s still doing it at two will probably do for a long time to come. Maybe this is the same for your little guy?

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