Posted by: Lisa | August 29, 2010

Murphy’s Law at its Best

Nowhere in life is Murphy’s Law (“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”) more prevalent than in the world of parenting.  The only time  you’ll ever actually need that spare outfit in the diaper bag is the one time you don’t have it with you.  (Yes, I speak from experience.)  Your toddler will suddenly projectile vomit 2.8 seconds after you put on your new formal dress for the wedding you’re attending that night.  The worst temper tantrums will occur in the middle of the quietest restaurant, at  church, or in a busy, crowded grocery store.

Today Murphy’s Law was proven in our house.  I bought Jacob a cute dress shirt last Spring.  He only wore it once or twice before it just got too hot for a long-sleeved shirt.  I’ve been sad all summer that he’d outgrow it before it cooled down enough for him to wear it again.  Finally the temperatures dropped from scorching to just scalding, so I’ve had that shirt hanging on his closet door all week to wear to church today.  This morning I put it on him & I thought he looked adorable.  We rode in the car for 15 minutes.  Upon arrival at church I realized that Jacob had dumped his ENTIRE 10 oz. cup of milk all over his shirt and shorts.  He was absolutely soaked.  He spent the whole time at church today in just a wet shirt & a diaper.

The best part of all?  I JUST removed, washed, & replaced the cover on his car seat – yesterday, to be exact.  YESTERDAY.  In the 3 months he’s had it he’s never spilled anything yucky on it – just crumbs and the occasional drool – so it wasn’t urgent that I wash it, but I had time yesterday so figured it wouldn’t hurt.  And after all that fighting with the straps and inserts and such, I get the privilege of doing it all again today before the heat outside makes that milk-soaked seat smell like you-know-what.  Thanks, Murphy.


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