Posted by: Lisa | September 1, 2010

Toddlerhood is Painful!

When people told me toddlerhood is full of bumps, bruises, & falls, I naively thought they meant for the toddler.  I really didn’t realize that 99% of those injuries would be mine.

Since Jacob learned to walk & climb I have had countless stubbed toes & bruised knees – mostly from diving into walls in an attempt to catch myself from tripping over a child who was unknowingly underfoot.  I’ve had tooth marks on my shoulders & broken half a dozen nails.  I’ve had toys & sippy cups dropped (or thrown) on my feet.  I’ve pulled muscles in my arms & back from holding, carrying, and dragging my toddler and his vast array of belongings around when we go out in public.  I’ve had cars & trucks run over my toes.  I’ve banged my head numerous times on the roof of the car while getting a squirmy little person in his seat.  I’ve had fistfulls of hair yanked from their pores.  My earrings have nearly been torn from their holes a few times, and I’ve been strangled by curious hands on my necklaces.  Those teeny tiny, flimsy fingernails get dagger-sharp mere days after I trim them, and they can inflict scratches that are worthy of stitches.  And those fingers?  Those itty bitty adorable chubby fingers?  You know, the ones barely coordinated enough to pick up a piece of cereal?  OMG.  They have impeccable accuracy when poking out a mother’s eyeball, all while proudly & delightfully squealing, “Eye!  Eye!”

But you know what?  Every bruise, cut, laceration, & abrasion is worth it, tenfold.  I will proudly show off my battle wounds, because it means I’ve spent another precious day with my own little miracle.


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