Posted by: Lisa | September 12, 2010

(Back) to school for both of us

Tomorrow’s a big day for this mommy & toddler duo.  We are both heading back to school!  Well, seeing as Jacob’s never been to school, I guess he’s not actually heading BACK to school, but whatever.  I am starting a photography class tomorrow night & can’t wait!  Poor Jacob.  Unbeknownst to him, he will become my most-shot photography subject, and will likely be forced to wear clothing he wouldn’t otherwise choose to wear, sit in places he wouldn’t otherwise choose to sit, beside props with which he wouldn’t otherwise play…you get the picture.  The picture.  Get it?  Photography class?  Picture?  Ok, nevermind.

Jacob starts his first music class tomorrow.  We’ve enrolled in a local Kindermusik class.  If he knew what was going to happen tomorrow I’m sure he’d be excited, too, but for now, I’ll be excited for both of us.  We went to a trial class over the summer & had a great time, so now we’re all signed up for this term.  We’re signed up with several other mom/baby combos we met at the trial class, so I’m looking forward to getting to know them better.  The teacher seems fantastic.  The activities/songs we did at that free class were great, and Jacob really seemed to enjoy himself.

And the best part of this “school” is that  I don’t have to tearfully stand outside while my baby embarks on his journey of education without me.  I wonder if they’ll still let me join him & hold him on my lap in middle school???


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