Posted by: Lisa | October 3, 2010

Jacob Hassell: Personal Packing Assistant

On Friday I attempted to pack for a 2-day trip to see out-of-town family.  “Attempted” is the best word I can use to describe my success with said endeavor.  I began at 2:00 p.m. and at 5:30 p.m. I still wasn’t finished.  Believe it or not, I didn’t get distracted and go off to some other activity.  During that entire time I was in the bedroom, pulling out a few various outfits & shoes & choosing jewelry & locating one of those miniature, airport-acceptable tubes of toothpaste that barely gives you enough paste for one good scrub of your top teeth only.

My packing task should have taken one hour, tops.  Instead, I logged at least 4 hours before I finished thanks to a particular little person.  Anyone who wonders why it seems to take stay-at-home moms so long to do basic tasks should attempt to pack for a vacation with a toddler in the same room.  Jacob can now climb up on my nightstand table & then onto the bed, where he stands up & falls backward onto the pillows repeatedly in a fun game he calls “uh-don” (up-down).  He thinks it’s hilarious.  Unfortunately he often gets himself stuck halfway up the table, so he just hangs there & screams until I help him.  But does he learn & stay put?  Absolutely not.  He’s up on the bed, back to the floor, up on the bed, back to the floor, over & over & over.  So I had to stop & “rescue” him every 3-4 minutes.  When he wasn’t doing this he was making phone calls with our phone, pulling the window blinds down, taking everything out of my bathroom drawers (yes, the things I needed to sort through for my suitcase), throwing my folded clothes on the floor, or terrorizing the cat so I’d have to intervene before someone got bitten or scratched (I was protecting the cat from that destiny as much as I was the kid.).

In Jacob’s defense, I know he was bored.  He wanted some attention, & I would’ve rather been on the floor playing, too.  But our suitcases don’t pack themselves & I really needed to get to bed soon after he went down tonight, so I wanted to get it finished.  And I kept thinking, “If I can just get 10 minutes of peace I can finish & then have the rest of the afternoon to play!”  The next thing I knew it was dinnertime.

So Grandma, I’m apologizing in advance if I show up at your birthday party wearing a bright red Christmas sweater from 1987 & a pair of Jon’s sweatpants with my flip-flops & pearl necklace.  I seriously have no idea what ended up in that suitcase.  At this point I just hope Jacob didn’t toss in something that isn’t allowed in an airport – or worse – our cat.

Because I just know I’d get detained & end up on the evening news wearing the aforementioned outfit.


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