Posted by: Lisa | October 13, 2010


I used to shake my head at those moms who careened their way through the grocery store with the 10-foot long semi-trucks…you know, those carts attached to a cozy coupe car or some truck-looking thing.  They’re absolutely ridiculous.  They don’t turn well, so I used to have to jump into my own cart or climb on a shelf to avoid being run over by some well-meaning mother who just didn’t have enough upper body strength to maneuver the thing around each aisle.


In the beginning I carried Jacob’s infant seat into the store.  I either set it across the child seat or set it in the basket part.  Although it took up a lot of space, I could usually pile groceries around it and Jacob mostly just slept or smiled at me the whole time.  I was so excited the day he could sit up in the front part of the cart.  I proudly unrolled my cloth germophobe cover and smoothed it into the crevices of the child seat like a good little mommy.  I set him in and propped him up with diapers from the diaper bag.  Every once in a while he’d tip over, but mostly he sat happily because he had a new perspective of the store.

Then he became mobile.  And utterly fascinated with wheels.  Like, shopping cart wheels.  He wanted NOTHING to do with sitting in the cart.  He wanted to crawl, walk, run, climb, and push.  I got kicked and punched while struggling to shove his feet through the child seat openings in the cart.  He screamed.  His feet got wedged in the openings because he spent the whole shopping trip trying to turn around and grab whatever was in the cart.  If we moved to the side of an aisle so someone could pass, Jacob would grab everything on the shelves.  Once he chucked a (plastic, thankfully!) bottle of maple syrup across the floor.  It would’ve amputated someone’s foot if anyone had been there, but instead it sailed down the aisle at a speed only seen at a NASCAR track.  The lid split and shot off in another direction.  You know those annoying seals on the top of a bottle (under the lid)?  The ones that are always so hard to remove?  I have a new appreciation for them.  Ours stayed in tact, although the lid was destroyed.  We went home with a broken bottle and I had to pour it into an old bottle so we could use it.

On our next visit I grudgingly set Jacob in the racecar shopping cart.  He squealed with delight, turning the steering wheel and beeping the squeaky horn.  I sighed, braced myself, and pushed it into the store.  OMG.  Those things are impossible to steer.  We knock into people, carts, and racks.  But I got my groceries & Jacob was happy.  So the next time you see some mom huffing and puffing and knocking you out of the way with one of those absurd mega carts, don’t judge.  Someday it could be you.



  1. I’m laughing so hard right now because I had experienced the same thing with Ryan. I always pray that the car cart is available just so I can get through the store quickly. Those things are almost impossible to steer. Whatever happened to power steering in cars?

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