Posted by: Lisa | October 19, 2010

Time for Reflection

I just left Jacob’s room after putting him to bed.  I returned to the living room with tears staining my cheeks – tears of joy at the wonder of it all.  Nowadays Jacob rarely falls asleep while nursing, but he was so tired tonight he nodded off right in my arms.  I carefully shifted his head to the crook of my arm and held him close.  I rubbed his feet, gently patted his round belly, stroked the side of his face, and stared at his tiny nose and long eyelashes.  I touched his fine baby hair and softly kissed his eyelids.  I hadn’t turned his sleep music on yet, so the only sound was his slow, steady breathing.  The moon is almost full right now and moonlight streamed through his window blinds and left lines and shadows dancing across his sweet face and arms.  I found myself holding my breath in an attempt to freeze the entire moment.  I can’t believe my precious baby is 17 months old already.  Although I thank God daily for His amazing gift to me, tonight I whispered an extra prayer of gratefulness for entrusting me with such a miracle.  And as I finally laid Jacob, clutching his stuffed bunny, in his bed, I reminded myself to treasure every moment I have with my son.  I know it isn’t going to last forever.



  1. This post takes my breath away 🙂

  2. This is so touching. I’m so there with you, even though it took me over two hours last night to get my little squirt to sleep.

  3. So sweet. Jessica is 31 and I still have the same feelings. I miss those days they go so quickly. Cherish each one of them. I unfortunately did not!

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