Posted by: Lisa | November 9, 2010

I need a little air, please!

When I was working as a teacher Jon used to practically beg me to spend time with him or travel with him.  In the evenings he’d often whine, “Are you almost done with those report cards?  Come watch a movie with me.  Please?” or “Can’t you ask off for a few days so we can go to the Caribbean again?  There’s a really great deal on airfare!” It was so cute to hear my sweet husband plead with me for time together.  (And yes, he’ll probably cut off my Internet access for making those statements public.)  Anyway, I figured when I quit my job he’d be thrilled at all the quality time we’d have.

I was wrong.  Now his evening comments are more like, “Don’t you have a church meeting to go to tonight?  A class to take?  Want to go to dinner with your girlfriends?  Here’s a few hundred bucks.  Go treat yourself to a day at the spa.” Ok, maybe he didn’t quite offer that last one, but you get the idea.  I think he seeks out business trips just to get some time to himself.  Those movies he rented that were nothing like something I’d enjoy?  Now I think he did it on purpose so I’d be tempted to go find something to do in another room.

All jokes aside, this very real issue came to light today after we had an interesting discussion together.  Despite how much I love being a stay-at-home mom, I need to remember to nurture & fulfill my own dreams; I need to keep my own identity.  That is a work in progress for me, as I struggle to find the balance between wife, mom, & Lisa.  Mothers, even working ones, are often guilty of giving everything they have to their children, husbands, and jobs…so much so that there’s nothing left to give themselves.

There’s a reason that flight attendants on an airplane always instruct you to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.  Moms, make sure you’re taking care of yourself – physically, emotionally, & mentally – so that you can be your best self for your families.



  1. Lisa, I have been feeling like the air has been sucked out of me for the past few weeks. I have been desperately trying to juggle everyone else’s needs and have neglected my own! I am hoping I will balance this better in the near future. Thanks for saying in words what I’ve been feeling! Sincerely, Christine Miller

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