Posted by: Lisa | November 11, 2010

Family Counselors Needed at Local Park

Wow.  So we went back to the park again yesterday, and there was an incident that made the rude parents from the previous day seem like Santa Claus.  This mother wasn’t rude; it was entirely the opposite.  She apparently had no backbone.

Jacob & I were in the small, fenced-in toddler area.  “Toddler,” as in, for ages 1-4 or so.  There was only one other mother in the area, along with her two kids, who were about 4 and 7 years old.  They were a bit old, but it’s not like there are strict rules that older kids CAN’T play there, so whatever.  Jacob wanted to sit in the little bouncy airplane.  We were about two feet away from it when the 7-year-old came barreling across the yard and jumped into the plane.  I was a little surprised, but figured she must not have realized we were about to use it so I told Jacob we had to wait our turn.  When the girl ran off to the slide, I set Jacob inside it.  Moments later the girl was back, shrieking and pointing at Jacob.  She fell to the ground, yelling, “That’s MY airplane!  Mine!  I want to ride it!  Now!” I had to do a double-take to make sure I was seeing & hearing things correctly.  This elementary-aged child was throwing a temper tantrum because a toddler was taking a turn on a toddler ride?!  Seriously?!  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like what she was doing…at least not from someone over the age of 3.  I was not about to pull Jacob off & let her have her way.  So I ignored her.

Enter Mom, stage left.  Until this point she’d kept her distance, but now she walked slowly over & put her arms around the flailing girl, who was still shrieking and throwing quite a fantastic fit.  The mother tried unsuccessfully to calm her down, explaining that the little boy wanted a turn.  The child was not about to be reasoned with.  At long last the girl stormed off back to the slide, but not before glaring at her mom and shouting, “You be quiet, Mother!”

I think it would have taken a forklift to pull my jaw off the ground.  Did she really just act like that and then say those words to her parent?  Holy cow.  I shudder to even consider what my mom would’ve done if I’d behaved that way or talked so disrespectfully to her.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have lived to grow up & become a mom myself, that’s for sure.  But this mom just walked back over to the bench where she’d been sitting before, leaving the girl to play.  Wow.  Just wow.

Part of me wants to laugh & the other part cry.  I think I should write a book.  I welcome suggestions for the title.


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