Posted by: Lisa | November 23, 2010

Vacation Sans Offspring

spent survived my first weekend away from my baby.  I’ve left him overnight a handful of times, but this was the first two-nighter.  Yikes.  I spent the previous two weeks feeling nervous.  I wasn’t nervous about leaving him in the wonderful care of his father or grandparents (he spent one night at each place), but rather I was nervous about how I would function without him for 48 hours (well, actually it was just 44 hours…but no one was counting).  I mean, what does one do all day if there are no diapers to change, no tantrums to calm, & no bedtime stories?  What is it like to wake up gradually in the morning instead of to the off-key sounds of a Fisher-Price toy glowworm accompanied by a chorus of ma-mas?

Well, I lived to answer those questions.  As it turns out, waking to my son’s babbling is a lot more peaceful than being roused by ten hungover grown women who just so happen to be bright & cheery morning people (not the highlight of my trip, if you can’t tell, but I digress).  And as for what I did all day?  I talked about grown-up topics while using a grown-up tone of voice, I read magazines, I laid in the sun by a pool, I rocked at sunset on a porch swing overlooking a marsh,  I danced (and not to “Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes,” either!), I ate dinner in a restaurant that didn’t offer high chairs or crayons, & I sipped on many glasses of wine.  And only once did I lean over to finely chop up the meat on my 30-year-old friend’s plate!

For 44 hours I lived it up as a woman with no responsibilities.  Then I came home to the sweetest little hug I could ever imagine…and at that moment I felt like my vacation was only just beginning.



  1. I just cried. Eli is approaching 8 months and I still haven’t left him over night. Mainly because I’m nursing and I hate to pump….ok, I lie. Mainly because I love him so much and don’t know Or want to know what it’s like to not care for him! When did you first leave Jacob? My husband talks about a night with just us but….I’m not ready yet.

    • Awww, Kelli. You’re such a good mom. 🙂 I know how you feel – I almost liked that I could use breastfeeding as an excuse so I didn’t have to leave my baby! We left Jacob overnight when he was 5 months old. It was my birthday & my husband took me to a nice dinner & then we stayed at Charlotte’s brand new Ritz-Carlton hotel. Jacob stayed with my in-laws. It wasn’t easy, but we wanted to start with something small. We stayed in town so obviously we could have gotten him if we’d needed to. I set my alarm for the middle of the night & got up & pumped (since he didn’t sleep through the night until he was 12 months). Then we left him overnight on Valentine’s Day because we were going out & it would be late when we got back, so we just left him at the in-laws’ house again. I think we’ve left him one other time. This time was different because I wasn’t with my husband.

      I really don’t understand these parents who can’t wait to get away from their kids. I mean, a nice break here & there is helpful so I can get some things done or whatnot, but I still miss Jacob & it’s not like I’m excited about being away from him – just excited to do things I can’t do when he’s around. My mom said she always felt that way, too, no matter what our ages – she truly enjoyed my sister’s & my company and never wished for us to be somewhere else. So I don’t think my feelings about this topic will probably change when Jacob gets older.

      But I can say this – nurture your marriage. As hard as it is & as much as you both love Eli, make sure to remember what it’s like just to be husband & wife. If you don’t do overnights yet at least do plenty of dates where Eli isn’t present & you don’t even talk about him. Trust me…this is important.

  2. sigh. Love it.

    • oh and also, i don’t know how you survived it. My little man is 9 months and I can’t think of leaving him overnight. Not to mention I don’t know many people willing to actually get up and console him every 2 hours or so all night long.

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