Posted by: Lisa | December 2, 2010

Parenting…better than drugs.

I found this article really interesting:

It makes perfect sense to me.  You hear about moms who demonstrate superhero power when their children are endangered (like one lifting a car to save her child) & we know so much now about the chemicals in the brain that affect us physiologically.  Something about becoming a parent turns us into addicts.  Heck, if it weren’t for these intense feelings we have toward our children the whole human race would have probably died off long ago.  I mean, why would anyone choose to deal with so many sleepless nights, two years of diapers that make spoiled milk smell like your favorite perfume, a bossy preschooler, a materialistic child, a snarky & awkward tween, a hormonal teen, and an expensive college education?  On the surface, that looks like 18+ years of torture!

But something about that first innocent smile, a hug, or a handmade card for Mother’s Day makes it ALL worth it.  In fact, it’s like a high that’s better than any drug.


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