Posted by: Lisa | December 15, 2010

BabyCenter Videos – From Pregnancy Through Big Kids

When I found out I was pregnant with Jacob I discovered the website Baby Center (  I signed up for their weekly update email and looked forward to Sundays when I’d get the new email and could read all about what my little fetus was doing that week.  I found it fascinating to learn that his fingerprints were forming or that he could blink his eyes.  Even Jon enjoyed that part.  The basal body temp & ovulation part?  Not so much!  But he admitted that we were “in the cool part now.”

I continue to receive weekly emails from BabyCenter, and I really enjoy them.  They’re tailored to the age of your child, so the articles are always about things I’m dealing with at that moment.  For fun they also include links to some celebrity parent gossip, recommended toys, or just cute photos of random babies.

Tonight I was watching a video about brushing a toddler’s teeth & it reminded me of the videos we watched during my pregnancy .  I found the page with the list of BabyCenter’s videos, which include amazing ones of prenatal development, some scary ones of childbirth (you’ve been warned!), pain relief during labor, how the hospital does an APGAR score or cleans your newborn, preemies, baby sleep, child development, baby care, toddler care, and dental care for preschoolers & big kids.  I figured some of you might find something that pertains to you!


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