Posted by: Lisa | December 29, 2010

Sharing Christmas Stories

We celebrated Christmas with Jon’s family on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Day we drove 440 miles to my parents’ house, where we joined a host of various family members for a fun, memorable week.  We’ve played games, gone to see movies, opened presents, eaten way too much food, turned my poor mom’s house into a mine field in terms of toys strewn across the floor, and created memories I vow to record so my son will always know about these special moments together.

My uncle brought funny grab-bag gifts, ranging from canned cat food to roasted chestnuts to a squirrel nutcracker to two sticky bouncy balls that totally freaked Jacob out.  My sister surprised my mom with a tacky, leopard-print Snuggie, which she proudly modeled for us while looking more like a giant fuzzy crucifix.  My brother-in-law teased my mom about her photography skills by mocking the crazy way she holds a camera.  At one point Jack was sitting on the piano bench, jiving to the beat like Ray Charles.  The more we laughed the harder he “played.”  Jacob cracked us up as he spent hours each day pushing around his mini new shopping cart while intently watching the wheels spin.  One day my 92-year-old grandfather got mixed up and wore my grandma’s dress shoes all day long.  Then that same man also sat beside my young son and played an imitation game of smacking the side of the chair with his hand, sending Jacob into rounds of giggles.  I’m so glad I got a photo of the oldest & youngest members of the family together.  Another precious moment was when I caught my grandma & Jacob on video as they played the piano.  My grandma played & sang Christmas carols while Jacob “accompanied.”  At the end of each song Jacob clapped wildly for my grandma, which of course made her day.  There’s just something magical about seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes.

I’d love to hear everyone’s stories about Christmas & their children.  Please comment on this post with your special or funny moments.

Some thoughts to get you started:  Favorite gifts?  Gifts that flopped?  Santa stories?  Food funnies?  Kids in church Christmas pageants?  Big messes?  Special, touching family moments?  Please share the times you never want to forget & those you wish you could have erased from your memory before the Christmas pie was even digested.


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