Posted by: Lisa | January 6, 2011

A Few Good Deals

This isn’t entirely child-related, but I figure most moms will still appreciate it.  I just wanted to spread the word about a couple good deals going on right now:

BP gas company is doing a promotion right now.  Each time you buy at least 8 gallons of fuel, go inside & get a loyalty card from a cashier.  (I always decline printing a receipt, but the cashier will still give you the card.)  Scratch off the front to reveal a code, which you need to enter online.  Do this five times by March 1st and they will send you a $10 BP reward card.  It seems pretty easy for $10 of free gas!  Visit for more details.

For those living near a store, Harris Teeter is doing their Super Double Coupon Week from January 5th through January 11th.  All manufacturers’ coupons up to $1.98 will be doubled.  If you’re math challenged like I am, that means those $1.50 off ones go to $3.00 off.  That’s big savings!  Hit up some items on sale & you might even get some things for free.



  1. I love the BP thing but my issue is not wanting to take a toddler out of his car seat just to go inside for that scratch off code. It’s just too much trouble for me because it’ll take another 5 minutes to wait for Ryan to climb back into his car seat (we’re in the “I can do it myself” stage. Luckily we have a BP card and get rewards that come in the mail. That’s more my style!

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