Posted by: Lisa | January 11, 2011

Easy Peasy or Tough Stuff?

As I listen to my toddler wail from his crib at naptime today (a common occurrence in our household, if you haven’t gleaned that from my blog yet), I muse on the fact that it seems like every child gives their parents something to keep them on their toes, as though it’s nature’s way of ensuring that a kid doesn’t end up with too many brothers or sisters!  It’s also interesting to see what it is that little ones choose to keep easy for their dear parents.  All kids have their own unique issues – some good & some not so much.  Every child is different & that just keeps things interesting for the mommies at the weekly playgroup gathering.

Regarding common discussion topics among parents, here’s the hand we’ve been dealt with this whole parenting gig:

1. Eating
Jacob has treated us to mostly peaceful, easy mealtimes.  He has no food allergies & basically likes everything.  For the most part, I can feed him whatever we’re eating & he doesn’t waste much food.  Best of all he is crazy about fruits, veggies, & milk, so I rest easy knowing he’s getting a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins & minerals.  I know parents who offer multiple foods each day, fear a dangerous allergic reaction, or worry that their child isn’t growing properly, so I’m glad I don’t have any concerns with eating.

2. Breastfeeding
This was pretty straightforward for us.  It didn’t take long to figure it out, my supply was perfect, Jacob was willing to take pumped milk from a bottle (any cheap bottle to boot, too!), & he switched to a cup without a problem.  We’ve gradually lessened our nursing sessions to just one or two per day without much problem so we’re both still reaping benefits without it consuming our lives.  Bar Jacob’s round-the-clock nursing in the beginning & blocked milk ducts for me, it’s been pretty easy & very rewarding.  I know people for whom breastfeeding didn’t work at all, whether the problem was the baby’s latch, the mom’s supply, a demanding work schedule, or just no desire to do it.  So I’m thankful I’ve been able to participate in this act of motherhood.

3. Illnesses & Injuries
We’ve made it more than 20 months with no injuries other than little bumps & just 4 sicknesses, only 2 of which required medication beyond Tylenol.  We’ve spent very little money or time in doctor’s offices & Jacob never had trouble with teething pain.  No one knows for sure why some kids get sick more often than others or handle pain better, but I thank Jacob for going easy on us in this department.  Never fear, though – he’s more than made up for it in the next category!

4. S.L.E.E.P.
HOLY COW-JUMPING-OVER-THE-MOON, BATMAN.  Oh sweet slumber, how I miss thee.  My mom gave me a coffee mug  that says, “Whoever made up the phrase ‘sleep like a baby’ could not possibly have had a baby.” That mug sums it up for us, except now I’ve taken a Sharpee to the word “baby” and changed it to “toddler.”  I sure hope I won’t have to change it to “teenager” someday, ’cause by that time Jacob’s gonna owe us some major sleep hours.  On his behalf, he now sleeps well at nighttime.  And it only took him 14 months to do that.  (note sarcasm).  I swear, these parents I hear talk of their babies sleeping 12+ hours before they can even sit up on their own?  I think they must just be so sleep-deprived they’re hallucinating or something.  There aren’t babies who actually sleep through the night before their 1st birthdays, are there?  My mom insists I was a good sleeper as a baby.  I think she just suffers from amnesia.  Despite the frequent night wakings, Jacob’s night sleep was a dream (pardon the pun) compared to naps.  Instead of making doctor’s appointments for ear infections like most parents of infants do, we were sitting in the waiting room of a pediatric sleep specialist’s office.  It was fun.  She was a very nice lady but offered zero solutions we hadn’t already tried, & in the end I taught the doctor something I’d read on the Internet.  Go figure.  I will give Jacob credit – he’s always been a great car napper.  So he gets awesome naps on the 8 days per year that we make a long car trip.  I’m trying to see the positive in things, so I can just proudly say that I get to spend about 2-3 more quality hours each afternoon with my precious boy than most parents do with theirs.  Who needs to shower, read mail, clean, or take a break anyway?

Where does your family stack up on these or other common issues?  What area was your personal Hell?  Where’d you catch a break?


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