Posted by: Lisa | January 27, 2011

Parenting ≠ Productivity

If you’ve ever doubted your own efficiency on a particular day at your job I would invite you to come attempt to paint a small room in my house in the presence of one dog, two cats, & a napless toddler.  Add to that a few phone call interruptions, a FedEx delivery, & a large ride-on dump truck underfoot that gives off a constant, steady moaning sound thanks to its dying batteries, and you’ll be one paint splatter away from a visit to a mental institution.

It looks like delivery trucks for Toys ‘R Us and The Home Depot smashed into one another in our dining room/office/playroom.  I may or may not have stirred my coffee with a wooden paint stick this morning.  I think I even read something about the government banning lead paint since I purchased these gallons & began this project.  (Note to self: check expiration dates on the bottom of the cans.)

I wake up each day at 8:30 a.m., certain that this will be the day I do the laundry, clean the house, bake, & of course, finish painting & decorating the playroom.  Then I collapse in bed around midnight each night, surrounded by mounds of dirty clothes, dust, & unused paintbrushes, wondering just what the heck I did all day.

So stress no more, friends.  I promise that my day’s productivity would make your latest accomplishment worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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