Posted by: Lisa | February 28, 2011

The Endless Diaper Debate

I have discussed types & brands of diapers with friends so much that I practically dream about them in my sleep.  So I figured I was due for a post about them.

I’ve tried quite an assortment of diapers in my 22 months as a mama: cloth prefolds with a diaper cover, cloth pocket diapers, store brands, top-of-the-line brands, diapers that promote movement, diapers that boast ultra absorbency, environmentally-more-friendly disposables, & even the ever-adorable birthday suit (when we’re home, of course!).  We’ve had equal amounts of leaks & diaper rash with all of them, so despite my obvious array of experiences, I still don’t really have a tried-and-true preference.  Here are some thoughts, though:

I use cloth diapers some…maybe 30% of the time. I’d use ’em more often, except thanks to normal wear & tear, a diaper thrown away by the husband (yes, an $18 bright green diaper made of real fabric!), & a growing boy, we only have 4 CDs left.  I feel guilty washing them because my machine uses way more water than necessary for 4 diapers.  And Jacob gets really bad, frequent diaper rash, and you can’t use diaper rash creams with CDs.  It’s a catch-22.  I use each CD about twice a week now.

When I put disposables on Jacob I usually go with Target’s Up & Up brand because they’re CHEAP and AWESOME for absorption & fit.  Plus, they’re cute.  🙂  Depending on sales & coupons, I often use Huggies, too.  (Pampers Dry Max KILLS Jacob’s little bottom – ick!!).  I cringe when I think about the chemicals in most disposables as well as how long they sit in landfills.  I try to at least always plop the poo in the toilet.  (FYI, diaper manufacturers actually mention this on their boxes – it’s better to flush it into the sewer system than to have it sitting in a landfill, where it seeps into groundwater – um, ew!)

Thanks to some coupons last week I purchased both Seventh Generation’s disposables, which are composed of wood pulp processed without chlorine, & Huggies Pure & Natural diapers, which are made with organic cotton.  Then I came across this quote:

“Although some diaper manufacturers boast about being “chlorine-free,” every disposable diaper made in the U.S. is free of elemental chlorine.  In fact, it’s been an industry standard since 2001.”

And now I’m all confused again.  Why do people spend extra money on diapers boasting “chlorine-free” if they’re all that way?  A doctor once told me all yogurt has probiotics in it.  Some companies just pay & go through the paperwork to be allowed to print it on the fronts of their labels.  Are diaper companies like that?  I tried to do some more research online but had no luck really finding anything.  I want to feel like a good citizen and do my part to help our Earth…but how does one ever know if she’s making the best choice?



  1. Hey – I love the Target brand too. There are actually a few rash ointments you CAN use on CDs, just wanted to let you know:
    Basically, you can get CA Baby brand at Target. I have ordered the Northern Essence Diaper Salve for sensitive skin online and it’s yummy smelling and great.

    • Thanks, Rachele!

  2. Lisa, the cheapest diapers we have ever found are the BJ’s brand. Brooke currently wears a Size 4. We can get a box of 135 diapers for $25 plus tax. They actually work well too! She could technically still fit in Size 3, but they seemed to pull at her funny, so we went up to the Size 4’s and they work great!

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