Posted by: Lisa | March 7, 2011

Go Ahead – Blame the Baby

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, the random notion that I was lying flat on my back popped into my head, and realized that I haven’t slept on my stomach since before I was pregnant two years ago.  I remember being freaked out that my belly was going to get too big to stomach-sleep, and I wondered how I’d ever snooze during those months.  I adjusted to side & back sleeping but looked forward to the day I could return to my own tummy time.  After Jacob was born my chest was too big & sore from nursing to sleep comfortably on my stomach.  As the months came & went I guess I just quit thinking about it…until last night.  I flipped to my stomach, turned my face each direction, moved my arms around a bit, and then gave up & rolled over.  I officially am no longer a stomach sleeper.

Then today I got a weekly parenting update email titled, “You Can Laugh Without Leaking.”  I laughed out loud…causing me to, well, you know…

My grandma had curly hair until she had my mom, and ever since it’s been stick straight.

Besides the obvious less-than-toned-tummy, in what ways did YOUR body change after having a baby?  Did you have any crazy changes, like no longer preferring to stomach sleep or hair texture changes?



  1. I swear my ribs moved further out and never returned to normal position. And there’s more but that’s not for the internet to know. Let’s just say people don’t tell you everything that could happen to your body after giving birth.

  2. Prior to Makenzi i had super stick straight hair… nvr had to blow dry it or straighten it. After her- WOW… my hair has more body and texture than i know what to do with.
    I also used to tan dark as….well… our neighbors to the south LOL… after her, i get nowhere near as dark!!!
    I immediately went back to sleeping on my stomach even with sore boobs and found that it actually helped relieve the soreness and i still find myself rolling to my my belly now even though i’m pregnant and i have to roll back over…
    It is CRAZY how hormones change us!!

  3. oh my i find that funny. and RELATABLE! Let’s see – everything sags…it’s not fat, just loose skin. My butt, my boobs, my stomach. Whoa. Before you know it i’ll have bat wings.

    Oh and agree with Tanya – something is straight up weird with my ribs. Sometimes if I’m lying or sitting even, and I twist my body, it’s like my hip bone or a muscle or ligament or something gets hooked over my ribs and i have to stretch out straight to get it to slide off. WEIRD.

  4. My “baby” is 23 years old and I STILL sleep almost exclusively on my left side because that was what the midwife recommended when I was pregnant with my now 25 year old! I sometimes sleep on my back but have never gone back to sleeping on my stomach. I haven’t thought about that for a long time – thanks for the memories!
    Then there’s the lower back pain from back labor with my first pregnancy……. the first time my back “went out” I was putting a crib sheet on the crib mattress and got stuck bent over – painful!

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