Posted by: Lisa | March 8, 2011

A Pee-Pee Post

I’m not pushing the potty training thing much right now.  I really hadn’t planned to even do anything until after Jacob’s 2nd birthday, but he’s been very interested in the whole concept for a few months now, so I figure I might as well capitalize on his eagerness.  It doesn’t consume our days & we’re moving very gradually, but I guess you could say we’re in the beginning stages of potty-training.  Here’s how it’s going thus far:

Jacob & I were playing in his playroom this morning when he suddenly stopped and announced, “pee-pee!” I quickly felt the front of his diaper, but it was still dry. I rushed to strip him down, grabbed his little potty, & encouraged him to sit on it. He bounced up & down on it a half dozen times, only staying for a moment each time before hopping up to clap & shout, “Yay!  Pee-pee!” There was no pee-pee, but at least he has the idea, right?  🙂

I continued encouraging Jacob to try to go pee-pee in the potty as we played. A few weeks ago Jacob had the idea to put his stuffed animals on his potty, cheering them on, so there was a little of that today. Isn’t celebrating a teddy bear’s urinating accomplishments is a daily ritual in everyone’s life? Again, at least my child has the idea, right?  🙂

So after about 30 minutes of no pee-pee today, Jacob suddenly said it again and froze in place while making his poop face. I gently yet quickly grabbed him & tried to place him on his potty. He went stiff-legged & refused to sit. Poop went on the floor & Jacob clapped & cheered while his mother put on her best happy face & did the same, lest she somehow discourage him. I used tissue to put the poop in the potty & calmly explained that that’s where poopy goes. While doing that, I suddenly felt something very wet & warm coating my leg. Yup, you guessed it.

Jacob ran off & I began cleaning up the new mess. I blotted the floor with a towel & peeled my own wet pants off. As I turned to look at my son, I realized that he was peeing all over the glass French doors in our living room. Awesome.

But at least he has the idea, right? Right?




  1. oh my that is so funny!!!! I live in this same world. Except somehow it isn’t quite so funny when it’s happening to me. Just recently Toren made the sign for potty and the sound I’ve taught him since birth (sssss) and I ask him if he has to go potty. In response he goes to his little baby bjorn (like the one you picture above) and squats NEXT to it. I usually take his diaper off at that point and sit him on it, and he makes the sound, but no pee pee comes out.

    However, I am very successful if I take him to the big potty for this moments and hold him over it. He goes about 90% of the time when I do that. I’m actually looking at getting him some BVDs, so at least when he has accidents, the poop will be somewhat contained and not all over my floor.

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