Posted by: Lisa | June 12, 2011

Updated Sunscreen List (2011)

I live in the southeast.  Spring ended here over a month ago and we’ll now have bright sunshine & 90+ degree temps pretty much daily until after Labor Day.  That means beach trips, pool time, & many hours spent outdoors.

That also means you & your children need to be wearing hats, sunglasses, & sunscreen more than ever.

Last summer I posted a link to a website that rates hundreds of various sunscreens on the market regarding their safety.  The Environmental Working Group specifically looks at the broad-spectrum protection (UVA and UVB) as well as the products’ ingredients, many of which have been found to cause cancer, birth defects, growths, or reproductive problems in lab animals.  I don’t know about you, but those aren’t necessarily things I want my child to have.

A rating of 0-2 is considered low hazard, a rating of 3-6 is medium hazard, & if you’re slathering anything with a 7-10 rating, well – I hope you’ll just toss the bottle in the trash can & invest in something deemed a bit safer for your body!

Many of the sunscreens commonly found in drugstores, such as Coppertone and Bull Frog, get very poor scores.  Yes, I know some of the best sunscreens are a bit more expensive or harder to find, but many can be acquired relatively easily.  Like everything in life, this is a choice you have to make.  Is your family’s health worth a little extra money?  I personally chose Blue Lizard Sensitive because it seemed like a good compromise – a score of 2, fairly inexpensive, and found on both and

Check here to see the EWG’s list of 134 best sunscreens or do a search for your own sunscreen and see how it weighs in:

Now, slap on at least a shot glass full of sunscreen before heading out in the sun & have a great summer!



  1. As always, an excellent post! Thanks for sharing! As you know I have been on the sunscreen hunt for a while now and I don’t know what to do. Thanks to you, Zachary will be protected (safely) at the beach!

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