Posted by: Lisa | August 4, 2011

We Can’t Win

I’ve decided that if we avoided eating all food from BPA-lined cans or plastic containers, processed foods, fake sugar, soda, meat & eggs from factory farms, produce from pesticide-using farms, etc., we’d all starve to death.  It seems that every time I find something that seems healthy, it’s deemed unsafe.  If something is economical, it’s bad for the environment.  If something is environmentally friendly & safe, it ends up recalled for salmonella.

A great deal of foods we eat are imported from China, including the always popular apple juice for kids.  I know juice isn’t the healthiest drink & Jacob gets very limited quantities, but it’s still healthier than soda & many parents believe it’s a good source of fruit.  Two-thirds of the apple juice & 75% of the Tilapia in our country is a Chinese import.  Recent tests have found that most apple juice on the market has arsenic levels 5 times higher than what the EPA allows in drinking water.

Um, EW!!!  So add one more thing to the list of forbidden foods.  There aren’t many foods left.  Ugh.  It’s hard to keep it all straight, no?



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