Posted by: Lisa | December 7, 2011

I’m on my Car Seat Safety Soapbox Again…

Thanks to my friend, Jami, for passing this article along to me.

I know some of you probably think I overdo the car seat info on here, but I care way too much about children – especially my friends’ children – to not share what I know about car seat safety. It’s not just some opinion of mine that you’re raising your kid to be a spoiled brat or that you’re not reading quality bedtime stories. We’re talking about something that can mean LIFE OR DEATH here. Take the time to make sure you truly, truly know what you’re doing with your child’s car seat and please, go get the thing checked by a technician! Isn’t your child’s life worth that small amount of effort?!

My own son is 31 months old & off the charts (on the high end) for height/weight. He is still rear-facing. I’m not at all trying to act like I think I’m some kind of perfect parent – I just want to prove to you that it CAN and DOES work with older toddlers! I anticipate, based on his growth, that I can keep him that way until around his 3rd birthday. He doesn’t know any different, so he’s fine like that. Yeah, I’d enjoy getting to see the little guy’s face when we stop at traffic lights (I have never used a baby mirror in the backseat either, ever since a cop told me that he’s seen mirrors & shades come unattached in a wreck & become missiles that have left children’s faces crushed.), but I’d rather see his precious face every morning when he wakes than to know he was killed simply because I wanted to turn his seat around.

Sorry for my rant. I’m a bit passionate about this, if you can’t tell. 😉


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